Agricultural Products


From fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, we are developing projects around the world, to help our exchange of foods and culture. 

We are importing every kind of fruits and vegetables from abroad, and are exporting high quality fresh fruits and vegetables from Japan.

Participation and involvement in the production of agricultural products is one of our key strengths, Utilizing the soil and climate of other countries, we timely import what is cultivated and produced abroad to answer the needs the Japanese.

For example, we use Japanese seeds of Japanese melons and squash which have the worldwide reputation of being the most delicious and raise them in New Zealand in the Southern hemisphere and then import the products back to Japan.

We are developing with our growers and suppliers, non chemical or post harvest chemical free fruits and vegetables.

They attract much attention today because consumers are demanding safer foods.

We don’t stick to our traditional ideas, but are always trying to introduce “tastes from all over the world” with our new ideas.